As a solution-driven conservative, this is my agenda as your Attorney General:

I will be tough and smart on crime.

I will be a partner to law enforcement and our first responders.

They put their lives on the line to protect and serve us.  They deserve our respect and support.

I will support crime victims and their families.

And, I will protect all Mississippians from unfair and deceptive practices, especially those that prey on our veterans and military and our most vulnerable, like the elderly, children, and mentally ill.

I will prosecute fraud and abuse against hard-working Mississippi taxpayers.

I will defend Mississippi laws against outsiders who want to substitute their judgment for ours.

And, as a gun owner and proud NRA life member, I will defend our Second Amendment rights.

I will apply a business-friendly model to our work, streamlining rules and regulations to engage businesses as partners in meeting people’s needs.

I will fight the opioid crisis in Mississippi.

This affects everyone across gender, race, age, and income lines and I will bring together all interested parties to fight every angle of this epidemic.

And, I will work to end human trafficking.

We must punish the perpetrators and rally to help the victims, providing resources and a pathway back into society without shame or blame.